Core Services

Our provision of services is based on the fundamentals of accurate and timely client communication, careful stewardship of our client’s resources and reputation, and the achievement of results within agreed upon timeframes and budgets.

The fusion of our extensive public and private sector experience, having “worked both sides of the counter”, enables us to approach issues and requirements in a holistic manner, thereby avoiding or resolving hurdles and disputes before they can become impediments to achieving success. Our diverse experience also facilitates the building of trusting and rewarding relationships during public engagement and planning processes, and the achievement of successful team environments for the projects under our management.


The majority of our services are provided by Rob Thompson. This allows us to respond in a focused and timely manner to all of our client’s needs. Where necessary, we bring in specialized consultants for project services such as financial structuring, civil and geotechnical engineering, architects, cost consultants and property assessors, heritage reviews, marketing, environmental and tree analyses, and urban design.


We can provide specific issue or problem resolution services, strengthen the services of your existing team, serve as the owner’s representative through the course of a project or provide the full team services required by your project or municipality.


Land Development and Project Approvals

Our land development services range from reviewing the development potential and constraints for a site to resolving disputes regarding tree preservation and on to making Council presentations and achieving all approval requirements for a project.
Our services include:

  • Locational analysis and site selection
  • Assessment of site development potential and constraints
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Preparation and maintenance of project budgets
  • Engagement and management of project consultants
  • Creation & optimization of preliminary subdivision layouts
  • Management of public engagement processes
  • Identification and implementation of sustainable solutions
  • Preparation & delivery of Planning Reports and Council Presentations
  • Coordination between client, lending institutions and municipal staff for project financing, application fees, bonding and Letters of Credit
  • Negotiation and completion of Official Community Plan, Rezoning, Development Variance Permit, Subdivision, Engineering Servicing Agreement, Development Permit and Building Permit Approvals


Land Use Planning Processes, Policy/Bylaw Development and Municipal Management Services

Our lengthy service in the public sector as a planner, department manager and project manager has included involvement in the preparation and review of policies, bylaws, land use plans and processes, planning studies and analyses, the management of approvals for small to large residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and mixed-use development applications, and the provision of full planning and engineering department management services.
This experience enables us to provide the following services to public agencies:

  • Preparation of Council and Staff Policies, such as urban forest management strategies, and private and public parking management strategies
  • Development and review of municipal service delivery programs, including development approval processes and waste management programs based on recycling, composting and sustainability practises
  • Preparation of municipal bylaws, for example zoning and private tree management bylaws
  • Preparation of Planning studies and analyses
  • Management of land use and planning processes, including the preparation of Local Area Plans, Neighbourhood Concept Plans and Official Community Plans
  • Management of public consultation processes for issues such as single family house size and design, area redevelopment and revitalization options, and the delivery of public services
  • Management of development application approvals on behalf of public agencies, due to staffing limitations or jurisdictional complexities
  • Management of Engineering and Planning & Development Services Departments


Public and Private Sector Project Management

We have managed the delivery of a large number of buildings and facilities, both as private sector Project Managers, and as a Project Manager on staff with municipalities. Our project management experience has included townhouse and mixed-use projects, educational facilities, community centres, libraries, police facilities, public washrooms, and large and small scale renovations to public buildings.
Our project management services include:

  • Selection & engagement of project consultants
  • Coordination of project visioning
  • Management of the development and refinement of project programmes and designs
  • Development and maintenance of project budgets and schedules
  • Contract negotiation & management
  • Management and coordination of all project consultants and prime contractors through construction to project completion
  • Management of Contemplated Change Order, Change order, Site Instruction processes and coordination of project deficiencies resolution

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